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Thanks for visiting mumbubconnect (mbc) – the world’s first 2-way SMS based breastfeeding support system

Our SMS trial has now CONCLUDED.

To view the results summary of our trial - click here

If you wish to access the social networking component of mbc – please feel free to join our Facebook page by clicking the ‘Like’ button above the box on the right. It is through our Facebook page that you can converse with other Mums and Health Professionals who understand what you may be facing in regards to feeding your infant, or in Mothering and Parenting generally. You can also offer advice and wisdom gained through your experiences.

If you have any queries regarding your current or future registrations, or anything about mbc, please email chiefmum@mumbubconnect.com.au.

To find out how the actual mbc project works go to ‘Register’.

For details about this project and it's background research go to ‘About Us’.

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