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mbc - making better connections
Mumbubconnect (mbc) is the name of a pilot project currently being conducted by QUT. The mission of mbc is to create better communication connections between mums and official support services (such as government, commercial, community or charity based support); with the belief that better communications will enable better connections between a mum and her baby.

a digital approach to supporting breastfeeding
mbc aims to test the delivery of tailored SMS text messages and online communications to each new mum participating in the project.

Believing that supporting new mums is a good investment in the future of mothering, in our children, our families and our community, mbc offers new mums support and encouragement to continue breastfeeding their baby.

Our digital approach will deliver unobtrusive communications, quality information and compassionate assistance.

For specific details about the research behind this project, please click here to download a copy of the report.

mbc project stages

  1. Read the Participant Information (in Register).
  1. Register to be a participant in the mbc research project.
  1. A ‘Welcome Pack’ will be sent to you in the post. Included in the pack is the first of 2 surveys. (Surveys are ideally to be completed online)
  1. You will receive your first sms message. At this stage you will be required to complete the first survey (T1 Survey).
  1. Full sms message trial begins*. You may or may not receive a tailored sms message each week for up to 8 weeks**. Every week a personalised message will request a response to provide feedback on how you are coping with breastfeeding.
  1. At the completion of the sms trial period you will be required to complete the final survey (T2).
  1. After submitting your final survey you will receive our ‘Thank you Gift’ in the post.

please note:
*Text messages will only be sent in the morning and not during the early afternoon or evening. There will be 24 hours provided for your response before a repeat message is sent.

**As this is a research project there are various sms messaging configurations specifically incorporated into the trial. You may or may not receive weekly messages, and you will not nessecarily receive the same worded response from mbc as other participants.

This project is proudly funded by the Queensland Government's Gambling Communiy Benefit Fund. Participant gifts have been proudly donated by The Coffee Club, Mothers Direct and Rite Aid. Website images and breastfeeding information has been supplied by the Australian Breastfeeding Association. Hosting has been provided Flexihostings.net. mbc concept, brand and system engineering by Andre La Porte. Web development provided by e-mediate solutions.

For any queries about this research project or if you are having any technical difficulties with this website, our Facebook Page or messages, simply pop an email over to our Chief Mum: chiefmum@mumbubconnect.com.au

Otherwise - join our Facebook group to discuss your experiences or issues with both the mbc team and other research participants.

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